HP Mini 1000 Reviews, Hands-On

HP Mini 1000 A few sites have already gotten their hands on the new 10″ Intel Atom-powered HP Mini 1000 including LAPTOP Magazine and Engadget. Some were able to take a look at the Ubuntu Linux-based “Mobile Internet Experience” that will be available in January of 2009 on the Mini 1000.

The build quality and keyboard (which is edge-to-edge) got high marks from most who took at a look at the Mini 1000. HP went out of their way to reduce the size / footprint of their netbook ilnes, as well as the cost (which is great – for a while it seemed like netbooks would only be going up in price).

jkOnTheRun mentions that the HP 2133 Mini-Note will still be available and targeted towards the education market, and they mention a 3G mobile broadband version maybe available next year. They also did an extensive hands-on of the 1000.

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LAPTOP Magazine – Hands-On
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