HP Mini 1000, Compaq Mini 700, Mobile Broadband

HP Mini 1000 First off, LAPTOP Magazine has posted some pictures and information regarding upgrades available on the 10″ HP Mini 1000. They showed the SIM card slot as well as the memory upgrade slot (you can swap the DIMM with a 2GB module). I’m actually not sure why HP doesn’t offer 2GB as an upgrade through their online store.

The Wall Street Journal mentions that Hewlett-Packard is looking at working out something in the United States where netbooks are bundled with some kind of wireless service contracts (with one result being substantially cheaper netbooks). This is a common practice in Europe and Asia. It would definitely be nice to have mobile broadband options bundled with netbooks.

Finally, and speaking of mobile broadband, Pocket-Lint and TrustedReviews have news that in Europe, there is a rebranded version of the Mini 1000 available, the Compaq Mini 700, that is virtually identical, that offers HSDPA options (and starts at £299 – just under $500 USD).