HP EliteBook 2530p Review (NotebookReview)

HP EliteBook 2530p A few days ago, JerryJ over at NotebookReview.com posted a review of the 12.1″ HP EliteBook 2530p, which became available a few months ago. The 2530p was a major upgrade over the 12.1″ 2510p, it moved to the Centrino 2 platform, and it offered new hard drive options (including SSD options). It saw a major change with the move to a more ruggedized / durable case.

The review model for NBR was near the top of the line 2530ps, with an Low Voltage (LV) Core 2 Duo (you can also buy one with an Ultra Low Voltage CPU), an 80GB Solid State Drive (SSD), with a 6-cell battery (9-cells are available).

They mention how durable it is: The main body of the EliteBook 2530p is covered in the new “HP DuraCase” and “HP DuraFinish” which is essentially a hard plastic and strong magnesium alloy inner shell much like its predecessor strengthened by a brushed aluminum outer shell that is so scratch resistant you can’t even scratch it with steel wool. The base of the laptop feels very strong and would definitely survive many bumps and bruises that other laptops might not.

They’ve included photos of the chassis, including HDD access, memory access, and PCI-Express card access.

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