Samsung NC10 Hands-On (TechRadar), UK Release Date

Samsung NC10 Another hands-on this week of the 10.2″ Samsung NC10 netbook, this time from TechRadar UK.

Once again, the keyboard gets most of the attention, and TechRadar believes it holds its own against the 10.2″ MSI Wind U100: Samsung has put together a keyboard that seriously challenges the comfort level we like on the MSI Wind. It fills the entire width of the 260mm chassis and is 95 per cent full-sized. The keystroke is quite short, but the keys feel incredibly sturdy and you’ll soon find yourself typing with relative ease.

They experienced similar battery life to what LAPTOP Magazine had experienced. They will be publishing a full review in the next few weeks.

Speaking of the UK and NC10, Amazon UK is now showing a November 10th, 2008 released for the white model, and a November 17, 2008 release date for the other models, listing them at £299.99:
Samsung NC10 NP-NC10-KA03UK: White
Samsung NC10 NP-NC10-KA02UK: Black
Samsung NC10 NP-NC10-KA03UK: Blue

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Update: Thanks to Antman for the correction of links and release dates in the UK.

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  1. Your link to the white version on Amazon actually takes you to the blue page. The White one is listed as being released on the 10th, not the 17th on Amazon. The White one is available now from Ebuyer, Play and a few others.

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