Could Acer Beat Asus in Netbook Shipments in 2008?

Netbook There is a very distinct possibility that even though Asustek has a large variety of their Asus Eee PC netbooks (from 7″ up to 10″) and had a big lead on everybody at the beginning of 2008, that Acer’s 8.9″ Aspire One could just help them beat out Asustek.

Yesterday, we mentioned Eee PC shipments (5 million units in 2008 being their goal), and now PC World has information that Acer is saying that they might hit 6 million shipped Acer Aspire Ones this year.

That would be very impressive given that the Aspire One was only announced/launched in June of this year, but as Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci put it in a conference yesterday: “ The netbook segment is growing very nicely.” He mentioned that that Acer plans on shipping 12 – 15 million Aspire Ones.

Read: PC World
(thanks to Tim for the link)