Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Hands-On (LAPTOP Mag)

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 LAPTOP Magazine has received a Dell Inspiron Mini 12 and have written up a short hands-on article about the Inspiron Mini 12, as well as posted a couple of videos of it.

It’s not just the larger version of the 8.9″ Dell Inspiron Mini 9, it’s one of the first netbooks to be shipping with a 12″ display – Joanna Stern points out that it’s almost on par with something like the 13.3″ Lenovo ThinkPad X300, given its light weight (under three pounds) and slender size.

Unlike the Mini 9, it has a larger keyboard (91% full-size) as well as a physical row of Function keys. The Mini 9 removed that row and as a result the “F” keys are now secondary functions on another row of keys. It has a glossy display (1280×800). It does come with Microsoft Windows Vista, and they weren’t too impressed with some aspects of the Mini 12’s performance – their full review will be coming in a few days.

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