Fujitsu LifeBook T2020 Review (TabletPCReview)

Fujitsu LifeBook T2020 Yesterday, Tiffany Boggs over at TabletPCReview published their review of the new Fujitsu LifeBook T2020, an Intel Core 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) powered convertible. Due to its pivoting display, it can be converted back and forth between a Tablet PC form factor and a traditional notebook form factor.

The reviewed T2020 does have an active digitizer. The 12.1″ display is also an indoor / outdoor display with wide viewing angles. It’s nearly identical to the Fujitsu LifeBook T2010, and shares the same overall design (the differences being “under the hood” so to speak).

With the 9-cell battery, Tiffany was getting 8-9 hours of battery life, but even without, the display is enough to sell the T2020 by itself.

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