Acer Aspire One A110X “Black Edition” in Germany

Netbook A rather striking version of the 8.9″ Acer Aspire One netbook is due to hit the streets by the time Christmas rolls around. This one is black. Everything is black – keyboard, case, panels, etc. It’s an A110X and its’ going to be available, at least in Germany, for €400 (around $505 USD).

The translation metions “piano optics”. This probably is similar to the ebony finish that some computer case makers have used on desktop cases.

– Normal AAO specifications (Intel Atom)
– 16GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
– Webcam
– 6-cell battery

It is very sharp looking. Whether it’s a fingerprint magnet like some similarly-styled laptops have been in the past, we won’t know. It may not even make it out of Europe.

Update: As a couple of people have pointed out, there has been a black model of the Aspire One available in the US and elsewhere for a few months (, etc.), this appears to be a special finish.

Via Engadget