NEC LaVie Light / Versa N1100 – Durable

NEC LaVie Light The 8.9-inch Intel Atom powered NEC LaVie Light, aka the Versa N1100 (as it will be known in Asia) is turning out to be one of the most durable netbooks around. NEC won’t make the claim of the most durable or rugged netbook around, but it’s definitely able to hold up to a lot more than many others.

APC Magazine reports that it’s magnesium alloy-based and NEC claims that it can withstand up to 150kg of force (around 330 pounds). This was due in part to the initial target audience – commuters in Japan and elsewhere that were having durability problems with notebooks in tightly packed areas. The magnesium alloy frame should protect the netbook and its display for up to 5 seconds of such pressure.

They’ve also tested it with “artificial sweat”, as well as dropping it on a variety of surfaces (from wood to concrete).

It is slightly heavier than other netbooks, given the materials, at 1.1kg (around 2.5 pounds), but this could be a perfect match for those who find themselves in situations where their netbooks could be knocked around or even sat on.

Read: APC Magazine