Samsung NC10 Battery Life is Really Good

Samsung NC10 I’ve now heard from two people who have received their Samsung NC10s that the battery life is really good with the larger capacity batteries that are shipping with them. A few weeks ago, LAPTOP Magazine mentioned how good it was. They were able to get almost 7 hours out of an NC10 that was set to 37.5% brightness (3 out 8 bars on the NC10’s brightness scale). 37.5% brightness was considered to be comfortable. Anything less really pushes it, depending on the environment.

Now they have decided to see just how far they can push the battery life. This time around, they turned off Bluetooth, and installed a low-power Intel X25-M Solid State Drive (SSD).

From a 100% charge, using one of their battery tests (continuous web surfing), they were able to get 7 hours and 55 minutes of battery life at 12.5% brightness (not exactly comfortable, but still usable). You end up having to spend several hundred dollars to purchase that X25-M (more than the NC10), but it’s a good look at just how efficient it’s turned out to be, and they point out that if a 9-cell were available, it would really push the battery life up. Some would argue that it would increase the weight, but I would point out that you could comfortable leave the A/C adapter behind.

Read: LAPTOP Magazine