Dell Inspiron Mini 9 32GB SSD, New Colors in Japan

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 The 8.9″ Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbooks are getting some new options in Japan with addition of a 32GB Solid State Drive (SSD). They will also be available, starting tomorrow, with red and pink lids/cases, in addition to the white and black options currently available.

It’s being called a “Platinum Package” (aka the “Platinum Mini 9”), and other options include additional software in the form of Microsoft Office 2007 options/upgrades. They will still be powered by Windows XP Home, and come with 1GB of RAM.

There should be no price change on the new color options, but to go up to the 32GB SSD from the 16GB SSD will cost extra – the “Platinum Mini 9” with the 32GB SSD will cost around $575 USD.

Via SlashGear