MSI Wind U120 and U100 Photos

MSI Wind PC SlashGear has some photos up of the MSI Wind U120 compared to the MSI U100 at a tradeshow. The U120 does look slightly more “professional”, although many of the underlying components are the same.

The U120 is still set to arrive in December, with mobile broadband options in some areas, as well as upgraded Wi-Fi (802.11n), and Solid State Drives (SSD) in the 20GB and 40GB range.

The one that SlashGear has posted photos of has HSDPA for it’s mobile broadband option. Curiously, it also has a 9-cell battery. Whether this is the third party battery currently being or is officially from MSI is unknown. It does look like the 3rd-party battery from Lion Battery, as it juts out from the bottom instead of the back.

Read: SlashGear

Update: Engadget China also has photos of the U120.