HP Mini 1000 Review (SlashGear)

HP Mini 1000 SlashGear has reviewed the new Intel Atom-powered 10.2″ (and 8.9″) HP Mini 1000. This is the first of the HP Mini 1000s – the Vivienne Tam Edition (a designer / special edition) rolls out in December, while January will see HP selling a Linux-based “Mobile Internet Experience” version of the Mini 1000.

They were impressed with the construction and design, saying “The materials used to construct this notebook are of the highest quality, giving it a very solid luxurious feel from the outside casing, to the feel of the touch pad”.

The discussed the keyboard design as well as the glossy screen. They had a pre-production model, and had a few problems (webcam) that were worked out before production began. There will be They’ve included several pictures, including the bottom where you can see the panels that you access to upgrade it.

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