HP Mini 1000 and 3G

HP Mini 1000 If you’ve been waiting for a new Intel Atom-powered HP Mini 1000 that supports 3G mobile broadband, wait no longer (maybe).

Over at the Pocketables forums, a user managed to get a 3G setup going on their HP Mini 1000. They had to work with both HP and AT&T customer support to figure it all out. They’ve included full instructions on how to do it. You’ll have to download a WWAN network driver from HP (downloaded from here: ftp.hp.com) and then manually install it (full instructions at the link below).

After you get the driver setup, you install a 3G sim card in the 1000 (easily accessed through the battery compartment).

Note: This may not work on all HP Mini 1000 netbooks. See the link below for details.

Read: Pocketables
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