Netbooks Dominated Amazon’s Cyber Monday Sales

Netbook Even while some are debating whether netbooks have any influence in the netbook/PC market, sales from one of the biggest online retailer’s “Cyber Monday” are proving that netbooks are here to stay.

PC World kept an eye on’s Bestsellers in Computers and PC Hardware and found that it was dominated by netbooks. They mentioned that models with 6-cell batteries came out on top over the cheaper 3-cell versions.

Netbooks in the list:
#1 Asus Eee PC 900HA
#2 Acer Aspire One (Black)
(#1 and #2 flip-flopped during the day)
#3 Acer Aspire One (Sapphire)
#5 One Laptop Per Child XO (OLPC)
#7 Samsung NC10 (White)
#9 Samsung NC10 (Blue)
#10 MSI Wind U100-432US (Black)

The amazing thing, even this afternoon, if you look at the list of bestsellers, most of those listed above are at or near the same spots they were yesterday, when some were discounted quite a bit.

Read: PC World