LAPTOP Magazine’s 2008 Dubious Mobile Achievement Awards

Asus Eee PC LAPTOP Magazine has published the “LAPTOP’s Dubious Mobile Achievement Awards 2008” list, and netbooks were prominent (but not for the reason you maybe thinking).

Asustek and their Eee PC family got the “Brand Dilution Award” for the numerous netbook models and naming variations they released this year: “Forget about the competition from Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, and others. ASUS became its own competition in the mini-notebook arena this year, flooding the market with the Eee PC 2G and 4G Surf; Eee PC 701SD; Eee PC 900, 900A, 901, 904HA, and 904HD; and the Eee PC 1000, 1000HA, 1000H, and 1000HD.”

Apple got a mention as well, for their MobileMe launch, set to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 3G, and the replacement for Apple’s .Mac service.

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