Lenovo Officially Upgrades IdeaPad S10

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 The 10.2″ Intel Atom-powered Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbooks have officially received some upgrades and sort of a price drop. These are all Windows XP Home models that are listed.

The Lenovo Store’s IdeadPad S Series page refers to the upgraded S10s as the “IdeaPad S10 Large capacity”, with the older S10s being called the ” IdeaPad S10 General computing”.

These had actually been available in certain retail channels already, and it’s only recently that Lenovo upgraded them at their official store, as well as adding the additional colors (which were referred to as “Deep Blue” and “Pastel Pink”).

The lower capacity has also had the new colors added, and is still available for $399 with 80GB HDD and 512MB RAM.

Upgraded Specifications:
– Pink and blue models added
– 1GB RAM standard
– 160GB HDD

New Models:
423135U (Black) – $449
423132U (Pink) – $459
423137U (Blue) – $449
423134U (White) – $449
423133U (Red) – $459

Note: These are still shipping with 3-cell batteries.

All of the new models are currently showing as shipping within 4 business days in the US from the Lenovo Store

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1 thought on “Lenovo Officially Upgrades IdeaPad S10”

  1. Greets:

    Bumped into your article just as I was questing for a related answer to this question:

    How does model S10 1211UR differ from the current 423133U?

    Actually I just ordered an S10 from Amazon (so I could use a gift certificate).

    Strange that Amazon makes no mention of a model number except for S10.

    I ordered it based on Lenovo S10 Ideapad with these SPECS:

    10.2″ 1.6gh Intel Atom 270 1GB Ram, 160GB HD, XP Home ed, White.

    I had read the multi touch pad was new but that was debunked and it seems multi touch pad was offered since the Fall.

    As my back order sits I see Amazon now has Beach selling the Red (better than white for me) 1211UR. Their specs are more complete inculding:
    Intel Graphics GMA950, 1.3MP camera/mike, 10/100 Ethernet, 891b/g wireless wi fi….. I’m thinking these are all standard specs on the 423133U as well??

    It would seem the white S10 I ordered would be the 423134U. Am I missing anything here? Any difference between the 4200 series and 1200 series?
    Appreciate you input.

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