Gateway LT1001G – More Details

Netbook LAPTOP Magazine has more details about Gateway’s upcoming netbook, the LT1001G. Joanna Stern reports that Gateway will be selling an 8.9″ netbook based on the Acer Aspire One. As previously mentioned, it’s not surprising, given that the Aspire One is selling well and Acer does own Gateway.

Differences between the LG1001G and Aspire One (AAO):
– Available only in Asia (for now)
– Glossy black lid with silver Gateway logo
– Different palm rest (“soft, felt feeling”)
– Internal 3G Mobile Broadband card
– Light on front to indicated 3G connectivity

Joanna’s impression after meeting with Gateway was that since it was so close to the Aspire One, it didn’t really need to be introduced in the US markets.

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