Samsung NC10 Review (NotebookReview)

Samsung NC10 John Ratsey over at has put together a user review of the 10.2″ Intel Atom-powered Samsung NC10. He’s compared it to the 12.1″ Toshiba Portege R500 and the 12.1″ Sony VAIO G11.

Unlike some netbooks, they mention that their NC10 came with a recovery CD and DVD in case the system needs to be reloaded (some like the Lenovo S10 require you to make the CDs/DVDs yourself, others require you obtain them from the original manufacturer). They also mentioned that the NC10 does have dedicated Pg Up and Pg Down keys, unlike quite a few others.

Besides the keyboard, battery life is always the thing that’s talked about when it comes to the NC10, and they weren’t disappointed – they were able to squeak 8.4 hours of battery life out of the 6-cell battery with everything at a minimum. Web browsing (ethernet instead of Wi-Fi) and 2/8 brightness on the display gave 5-6 hours. The more important metric is full load – they got more than 4 hours, which is very significant.