Dell Studio XPS 13, Adamo Information

Dell Adamo More information is starting to come out about a couple of ultraportables from Dell. Engagdet has posted some photos of what is being called the Dell Studio XPS 13. They mention it being discussed by Dell as the “word’s thinnest laptop”, and that it’s been pushed back to February of 2009. Back in August, we first heard about it, and its “Edge to edge glass (floating display)” which we can now see for ourselves, thanks to Engadget’s photos.

Dell Studio XPS 13:
– New, elegant styling (appears aluminum/leather)
– VGA Out
– Ethernet
– 2x USB, 1x FireWire/IEE 1394
– HDMI Out
– Possible fingerprint sensor
– Slot-loading Blu-Ray drive
– Hybrid SLI graphics.

The Dell Adamo on the other hand, while it shares some of that styling, it also introduces some other features, and is being touted as a rival to Apple’s 13.3″ ultrathin MacBook Air. Not much is known about it at this point, other than it’s going to be sleek and quite different.

It does have it’s own website:

New York Times