Some PC Makers Gain From Netbooks

Netbook In the past, there’s been discussion by companies, component suppliers, websites, etc., over just how much of an impact netbooks have on the production and sales of conventional laptops/notebooks. Some companies have said netbooks helped to increase their brand awareness since they were able to get them in the hands of people who might not have normally encountered one of their products. Others have talked about them undercutting sales of their entry-level laptops.

Digitimes believes that for some makers, netbooks have been very beneficial. They cite Acer and Asustek as two companies that have benefited when others believed they would have suffered instead.

Right now, it’s estimated that the netbook market in 2008 is just shy of 15 million, which Digitmes says boosted total shipment of all notebooks (including netbooks) to 37% growth. Acer and Asustek will get around 65% of that market, and it looks like it might impact other companies and slow down their growth.

One interesting note they mention – they believe that people will begin connecting their netbooks to external displays more and more. That creeps awfully close to desktop/notebook replacement territory.

Read: Digitimes