Windows XP Dominates Netbook Market

I think many of us saw this coming. Even though netbooks started out with a heavy Linux influence, once Microsoft began relaxing their rules on Windows XP Home and netbooks, it was pretty clear that Windows XP would end up winning the netbook market. This … Read more

Lenovo IdeaPad S9 – US, Germany

Looks like the 8.9″ Atom-powered Lenovo IdeaPad S9 netbook will be available in the US after all. It is currently listed as being sold at (SSD, 512MB RAM, Linux) and other online retailers, starting at $349.99 (USD). $349.99 gets you: – Intel Atom 1.6GHz … Read more

Dell Adjusts Inspiron Mini 12, Adds XP

Dell has adjusted the pricing and added Windows XP Home to its Intel Atom-powered 12.1″ Inspiron Mini 12 netbook lineup. There are three new configurations/prices. All have 1GB of RAM and are powered either by a 1.33GHz Atom or a 1.6GHz Atom, with Intel GMA … Read more

NVIDIA Wants to Boost Netbook Performance

NVIDIA wants to radically boost the performance of Intel Atom-powered netbooks. They plan on combining their GeForce 9400M chipset (graphics included) with Intel’s Atom CPU to create a new platform – Atom + GeForce 9400M. It’ll be called the NVIDIA Ion platform. The result will … Read more

MSI VR220 YA Review (LAPTOP Mag)

LAPTOP Magazine has published their review of the new 12.1″ budget-oriented MSI VR220. It starts at $699, and while it’s definitely one of the cheapest 12.1″ ultraportables around, it does have a few features found in more expensive laptops – it has some areas made … Read more