HP Mini 2140 Announced

HP Mini 2140

Ahead of CES 2009, HP is rolling out the sequel to the VIA-powered HP 2133 Mini-Note. It’s the 10.1″ Intel Atom-powered HP Mini 2140.

Among the changes:
– Change in platform from VIA to Intel
– Display size (10.1″ versus 8.9″)
– 16:9 aspect ratio
– Design updated (slight)
– More OS options

Something that I’m very interested in – it offers both 1366×768 or 1024×576 resolutions depending on model.

Storage options: Either a 160GB HDD (probably 2.5″ SATA) or an 80GB SSD (Intel makes one, I’m not sure of anybody else).

Electronista says it ships later this month, starting at $499. I’m curious to see what the 1366×768 ships for.

Read: HP.com
via: Electronista