Sony P Series – Photo From CES

Sony VAIO P We already know from some accidental leaks and product launch material that the Sony VAIO P-Series is going to have a unique form factor.

We saw some information on a PCG-1P1L and 1P2L at the FCC and saw a weird form factor – 9.5″ x 4.5″ (estimated).

Engadget has now posted a photo from a display monitor at CES.

It definitely matches what we’ve seen of the Intel Atom-powered device, and it matches an 8″ display (with a potential 1600×768 resolution). They’ve done away with the touchpad that other devices in this range use, and instead went with a trackpoint/stick type of mouse pointing.

Note: This is not a photo of a display model. It’s a photo of a device on a computer display.

With a price of nearly $1000 USD, it’s hard to say where it fits in. Some might consider it a high-end netbook, others a low-end ultraportable (competing with the likes of Fujitsu’s 10″ offerings). Sony was able to keep it small due to the Atom CPU (and probable Menlow/Poulsbo platform), and at the same time that helps to keep it from eating into the 11.1″ TZ2 series.

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