MSI X320 Hands-On (LAPTOP Mag, SlashGear)

MSI X-Slim X320 LAPTOP Magazine got a hands-on with the new 13.4″ 16:9 Intel Atom-powered X Slim X320. The X320 they tried out was running Microsoft Windows Vista Basic.

This is interesting – they mentioned that the 8-cell battery that MSI claims will give the X320 up to 10 hours of battery ilfe, is flush with the system. Usually the larger batteries jut out the back or down.

I’m impressed with the price – $700 – $900 USD. It’s not exactly a netbook size-wise, but for those looking for a netbook with a full-size keyboard, the X320 might just be it, at least at that price point.

SlashGear managed to get some photos of the X320 next to the 13.3″ Apple Macbook Air

It should be shipping sometime in April (SlashGear mentions end of February).

LAPTOP Magazine
SlashGear (Air Comparison)