Black Samsung NC10 (NC10-14GBK) Available in US

Samsung NC10 Black NC10-14GBKThe 10″ Samsung NC10, model NC10-14GBK, has finally shown up as in stock on It first showed up at Amazon towards the latter part of December and was listed as being sold by Amazon, although it was out of stock. Today, a third party reseller through Amazon showed up as having the black NC10 in stock and selling for $499.

For a long time, it seemed like Samsung was not going to offer a black NC10 in the US – back in November, when NC10s started shipping in the UK, and model numbers began to emerge, there was not a model/SKU for any American retailers of the black NC10, and indicates were that it wouldn’t be available.

It’s not CES related (although the timing is certainly fortunate), so why am I mentioning this particular color of a netbook? In November and December, it was one of the top 10 questions people emailed me about.

I’m not sure why – I’ve always preferred black laptops (a ThinkPad fan at heart), but that was because I associated with a particular line/manufacturer. It seemed like a black NC10 really generated a lot of interest among some people in the US. Given the cases of some of these, it could be that word got around that it doesn’t show fingerprints or smudges, or something along those lines (yes, it matters to some people). It also does look pretty sharp and professional, and there are people who gravitate towards that.

– 10.2″ Display
– 160GB HDD
– Windows XP Home, SP3

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