MSI Wind U120H with Touchscreen

MSI Wind U120 LAPTOP Magazine had a hands-on at CES with a touchscreen version of the upcoming 10″ Intel Atom-powered MSI Wind U120H. The U120H is based on the U120 and has mobile broadband options.

It’s important to note that MSI has no formal plans at this point to produce a touchscreen Wind – this was apparently a modified U120H to be used as a proof-of-concept.

In this instance, it wasn’t even a “convertible” netbook (converting between a Tablet PC form factor and a convetional/notebook form factor), similar to the 8.9″ Eee PC T91 Touch or the Eee PC T101H.

LAPTOP Magazine has posted a full video walk-through of using Windows XP on the touchscreen version of the U120H.

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