LG X120 Shown at CES

LG X110 LG was showing off a new netbook, the 10,.2″ Intel Atom-powered LG X120, at CES 2009 over the weekend. Engadget and I4U News have posted several photos of it.

Whether this is a direct replacement for the LG X110 (Xnote Mini), or is merely an expansion of LG’s netbook line, similar to the MSI Wind series or the Eee PC series, is unknown (as is pricing and availability in the United States). The styling of the X120 does look slightly different.

The main feature being shown off was the “SplashTop” Instant-On OS from DeviceVM, which is based on Linux. It’s a self-contained OS/installation that allows you to quickly boot into a stripped-down Linux desktop, with web and email access, Skype, and some instant messenging capabilities. LG is referring to this feature as “LG Smart On”. Using it, you don’t have to fully boot up Windows to be able to do a few internet-related tasks (check email, etc.).

It should be noted that I4U has photos of the X120 running Windows XP (probably XP Home). A selling point of the X110 had been that you had the option of Windows Vista.

I4U News (Gallery)