Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Makes an Appearance

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 The 10″ 16:9 Dell Inspiron Mini 10 has made an appearance online at a retailer – in this case, it’s Tesco in the UK.

They are currently listing the Inspiron Mini 10 netbook for £349.00 (@ $490 USD) with these options:
– 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520 (Silverthorne)
– Windows X Home w/Microsoft Works 9
– 160GB HDD
– Black color
– Bluetooth
– Webcam

The Inspiron Mini 10 was just recently announced at CES, with very little information released at the time, other than it would be between the Inspiron Mini 9 and Inspiron Mini 12. From the specifications, it looks like it shares quite a bit in common with both of those.

Previously, we knew there would be a 1.6GHz model based on Intel’s Z530 Atom.

Tesco Listing
via Engadget