HP Mini 1100 Quietly Announced or Leaked?

HP Mini 1100 Either it’s the sequel to the HP Mini 1000, or it’s simply an expansion, but either way, several models listed as “HP Mini 1100” with 10.1″ 1024×576 displays and powered by Intel’s N270 Atom CPUs have shown up on Hewlett-Packard’s support website.

It would appear that this is a new line – right now, the HP Mini 1000 series has model numbers like “1035NR” and “1033CL”, and there are ten of these new 1100-series models listed on HP’s site. SlashGear mentions that there were rumors about the 1100 series having ExpressCard slots, which would make it easy to add mobile broadband options in various countries.

The product listings I found showed full-size ExpressCard slots:

HP Mini 1100

Software listings also mention a “HP Mobile Broadband Setup Utility” – this could be generic placeholder text though, or it could come with all models, regardless of broadband options.

Models listed:
– HP Mini 1110NR
– HP Mini 1111NR
– HP Mini 1120NR
– HP Mini 1125NR
– HP Mini 1130NR
– HP Mini 1133CL
– HP Mini 1135NR
– HP Mini 1136NR
– HP Mini 1140NR
– HP Mini 1141NR

– 1135NR, 1140NR listed Bluetooth

Most of the pages had little to no information on them, but a few did, notably the HP Mini 1133CL, 1135NR, 1141NR, and 1140NR (which was actually accessed through the 1135NR page and shares a product # with the 1135NR). The 1140NR and 1141NR are apparently the Vivienne Tam Editions of the 1100 models listed (one has it in the name, the other lists a Vivienne Tam Sleeve in the accessories). For the most part, most of the pages had generic/place-holder materials and the available links take you to generic HP support pages.

Outside of the Bluetooth options mentioned on a few, the others with specifications listed all show the same specs, along with a 3-Cell Lithium Polymer battery.

HP Product Support Listings
Vivienne Tam Edition
via SlashGear

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