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Dell Latitude XT It’s been a while since we heard anything about the Dell Latitude XT2, the follow-up to the original 12.1″ Dell Latitude XT. We heard about it in March of last year and at the time, it was rumored that Dell would be rolling the XT2 out sometime between last November and the first quarter of 2009. Judging by the specifications leaked, the rumors from last March were pretty close (of course, this isn’t a radical update from the XT so it’s not surprising).

The original multi-touch Dell Latitude XT convertible – it converts between a Tablet PC and a laptop/notebook form factor, became available close to this time last year. It surprised people when Dell’s plans for a sequel leaked out not too long after the original XT became available.

It’s based on an Intel Core 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) CPU (no specific CPU mentioned), and takes up to 5GB of RAM. No storage specs are listed, but chances are Solid State Drive (SSD) options will be available. Being that the Latitude line is geared towards professional/business users, there are mobile broadband and GPS options utilizing a half-mini-card (or the ExpressCard/34 slot). One major difference, a change from ATI Radeon graphics to Mobile Intel GMA X4500. The resolution of the display remained the same – 1280×800.

The initial release date at the bottom of the web page is listed as today, January 23, 2009 (this is for the documentation/page itself, not for the XT2’s release date).

Among the new features, one of the USB connectors has “PowerShare” – it can charge USB devices while computer is off or on (charge your iPod or cell phone while the computer is turned off). One of the USB connectors can also be used as an eSATA port.

For battery options, you get a choice of 4-cell, 6-cell, or a “slice battery” (that attaches to the bottom).

Width: 11.44 – 11.68 inches / 290.6 – 296.6 mm
Depth: 8.03 – 8.9 inches / 204 – 226 mm
Height: 0.79 – 1.06 inches / 19.95 – 26.82 mm
Weight: 2.2+ pounds / 1+ kg (depending on battery

As far as size, it looks like it’s thinner and lighter than the original XT.

Full specifications – Dell Latitude XT2 page at

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