Dell Inspiron Mini 10, Better Make That the Mini 9

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Over at the MyDellMini forums, there is a thread with a couple of people who mentioned ordering what they thought were Dell Inspiron Mini 10s, only they received a Inspiron Mini 9 instead.

Earlier this week, they had ordered them from Tesco in the UK, which had a product listing for the Inspiron Mini 10, one of the first, as far as we can tell.

It now looks like that was a mistake, as one of the first people to order it mentions: OK, just took delivery of the Mini 10…except it isn’t a Mini 10. Tesco have sent a Mini 9 instead – all the usual specs for a Win XP Mini 9, 8.9 inch display, 1Gb RAM, 8Gb SSD, etc. So this is going back tomorrow for a refund :x

Not really surprised – it did seem unbelievable that Tesco were offering this model even before Dell.

The Tesco page about the Inspiron Mini 10 has now been removed.

Thanks to Tim and Eric for the links.