HP Mini 2140 Review (CNET)

HP Mini 2140 CNET has published their review of the new 10.1″ HP Mini 2140.

They gave it high marks for the keyboard, construction (metal), and for the full-size ExpressCard/54 slot. Many manufacturers would be tempted with an ExpressCard/34 slot, were they to even add a slot. The Lenovo S10 for instance, has an ExpressCard/34 slot. As far as they keyboard, they claim it’s the best keyboard they’ve encountered on anything under 12″. They also gave HP credit for adding an accelerometer for the hard drive – something a lot of netbooks don’t have.

I thought it was interesting that they described it as a “premium version of its plastic Mini 1000“, and they did criticize HP’s moving of the mouse buttons to either size of the touchpad. To HP’s credit, the touchpad would be smaller or the 2140 larger in general, if the buttons were below it. They were able to get just over three hours with the six-cell battery (using a video playback test which is probably more intensive than most tests).

Read: CNET.com