Kuki Linux

Netbook Yesterday, there was a new release (alpha) of Kuki Linux, 2.0. Kuki Linux (pronouced “cookie”) is a new Linux distribution, tailored specifically for the 8.9″ Acer Aspire One.

Its developers describe it as “an out of the box experience for the Acer Aspire One.” It’s an approximately 400MB image/ISO that’s based on a minimal install of Ubuntu. It’s meant to be a better Linux distribution, than the Linpus Lite that comes pre-installed on some Acer Aspire Ones, but at the same time the developers are working to insure that the experience is as good or better. One area they’ve focused on has been video/graphics performance, with the Intel GMA 950.

One interesting note – you can install Ubuntu 8.10 on your AAO and then install the Kuki Linux kernel on top of the Ubuntu installation. The kernel will give you most of the patches and fixes that are specific to the Acer Aspire One.

For a window manager, it uses Xfce, which is considered to be a lightweight desktop environment. The bundled applications are lightweight as well. In some aspects, it resembles another netbook Linux distribution, Easy Peasy, which is also a distribution built upon Ubuntu (both Kuki and Easy Peasy are not official Canonical/Ubuntu projects).

In case you don’t have a USB optical drive, the linked tutorial below will walk you through install Kuki Linux from a USB memory/flash drive.

More Information:
Tutorial for installing on an Acer Aspire One
Download Kuki

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