Speak Up if You Want to See NVIDIA’s Ion

NVIDIA If you want to see an ultraportable device using NVIDIA’s Ion platform that was demonstrated at CES, NVIDIA wants you to contact your favorite maker of notebooks or netbooks or anything in between. They want you to ask if or when your favorite PC company is going to release a product based on the Ion.

NVIDIA isn’t mentioning any names, but according to DigiTimes, it claims that there are PC companies who have adopted their high-performance chipset (high performance at least when it comes to netbooks/MIDs). There should be Ion-based products (using Intel Atom CPUs) by the end of the second quarter or into the third quarter of this year.

DigiTimes mentions the rumors about Apple being at the top of the list to use a device based on the Ion, and I’m inclined to agree – the GeForce 9400M that the Ion utilizes for its graphics is basically the same GeForce 9400M that’s in the MacBook, which would simplify things for Apple’s developers. It could be used either in an Apple notebook/netbook or in an updated Mac mini.

Read: DigiTimes