LG X110 Review (Pocket-lint)

LG X110 Right on the heels of another UK review of the 10″ Intel Atom-based LG X110 netbook, comes Pocket-lint’s review of this rebadged MSI Wind U100.

Unlike the other review, this model did not have a 3G modem built-in, and LG told Pocket-lint that 3G was not going to be standard in UK models.

They do mention one aspect that’s overlooked in a lot of netbooks, there is an option with the X110 to switch the audio between SRS TruSurround XT and SRS WOW HD. The speakers in most netbooks don’t really do it justice, given the size and limitations of the platform.

A huge criticism is the battery life with the included 3-cell battery. At this point, it’s a given that you should pick up a 6-cell model of any netbook you are buying (assuming it has that options – some such as the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 have a similar configuration with fewer cells). They do mention one nice aspect which the other review did, and which explains why the cheaper 3-cell X110s are around – in the UK you can pick some X110s up for free provided you sign a mobile phone or mobile broadband contract with a mobile phone dealer.

This is probably the most concise verdict/summary I’ve seen of a netbook:

The X110 fails to deliver in many areas as a competing netbook, but would serve well as a bedroom internet machine

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