Acer Ferrari 1200 Announced

Acer Ferrari 1100 It looks like Acer will soon be launching a sequel to the 12.1″ high-end Acer Ferrari 1100. Like the 1100, the new Acer Ferrari 1200 is also AMD-powered, running on a dual-core AMD Turion X2 Ultra on AMD’s M780G platform.

The Ferrari 1200 definitely falls into the “luxury class” – it has a carbon-fiber casing, and a unique design: “Unique ventilation design echoes the exhaust pipes of F1 cars and the anodized-metal touchpad resembles the brake and acceleration pedals of a Ferrari car. “ It also features “2nd generation Dolby Home Theater” features for multimedia playback.

Just like the 1100, it comes with a bundled Bluetooth mouse, along with the option for a VoIP phone, both of which have the Ferrari Racing Shield logo.

Looking at the bundled software and features, an emphasis is clearly placed on videoconferencing with the Ferrari 1200, much like its predecessors.

No word on release dates or pricing.

Read: Acer UK Press Release
Thanks to Tim for sending this in.
Note: The above image is the 1100 – the 1200 apparently resembles it very closely.