HP Adds Options to HP Mini 2140

HP Mini 2140 HP has barely started selling the 10″ Intel Atom-powered HP Mini 2140, and already there are some updated options available to new buyers this week.

They’ve added SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 as an operating system option – we knew back when they were announced that it would be offered at some point, but it’s now finally available as a customizable option.

2GB of RAM was already available on some pre-configured models (those sporting Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic and Business), and it’s available as an option for Linux (SLED 10). 2GB of RAM is still not an option for Microsoft Windows XP – I would guess that this is because of limitations that Microsoft has imposed in regards to Windows XP Home licenses and netbooks. It’s one of the reasons (perhaps the only/main reason) that other netbook makers ship with 1GB of memory with XP.

The 80GB Solid State Drive (SSD) option that HP had announced a while back is now available, and it’s available for all three OSes – Vista, XP Home, and SLED 10. It’s expensive, however – $575 (USD) just to add it, which is more than the cost of the 2140 in several of it’s configurations. I would like to think this means it’s an SLC rather than an MLC drive, because of the price, since MLC drives near that size can be had for much cheaper.

As liliputing points out, the 1366×768 display is still not an option. That probably will become available sometime in March or April.

View: HP.com
From: liliputing