Sony VGN VAIO P Unboxed (Pocketables)

Sony VAIO P Jenn K. Lee over at Pocketables has put together an in-depth look at an unboxing of the 8″ Sony VAIO P, along with several good photos of the VAIO P itself.

In this instance, Lee had a VGN-P588E to work with.

– 1.33GHz Intel Atom
– 64GB SSD
– Onyx Black
– Vista Home Premium

With that 64GB Solid State Drive (SSD), this makes it the mid-rang VAIO P – around $1,199.99 (USD). There is a cheaper 60GB HDD version, along with a more expensive 128GB SSD version. The 128GB SSD version has noise-canceling headphones, in addition to everything else.

From the photos, you can see the The VGA/LAN adapter and how it attaches to the AC adapter. Being that it’s Sony, there is a proprietary connector for the VGA/LAN (although you could argue that it’s necessary, given the size constraints). The actual connector tucks away into the adapter itself, when not in use.

It’s definitely an elegant looking ultraportable (which really doesn’t fit the netbook-mold), and interest in the VAIO P is high, given it’s 1600×768 display – the highest in any devices under 10″ (and possibly under 12″).

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