Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Dissected (Ravic)

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 It was bound to happen – somebody was going to take apart one of the new 12″ Dell Inspiron Mini 12 netbooks and that somebody was “ravic”. They’ve included plenty of photos as well.

The pictures do show quite a bit of space, both for modding as the article points out, but for other uses as well. I keep wondering if Dell could have reworked a few things internally and added a 2.5″ SATA bay instead of the 1.8″ HDD shown. While it’s almost too large to be consider a netbook, the internal photos shows that it’s basically the same as Dell’s other netbooks. I would guess that it’s due in part to maintaining a close manufacturing base with the 8.9″ Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

YOU CAN SEE THE 1.8″ drive (that limits your upgrade options) – it’s a Samsung HS04THB 40GB harddrive.

One interesting thing – if you don’t order the Inspiron Mini with WWAN, there will be no WWAN slot inside for you to add it yourself later on. The WWAN antennas don’t come standard either.

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