Sony VAIO P – Typing, Size, Performance (Pocketables)

Sony VAIO P Jenn K. Lee over at Pocketables has put together an extensive collection of articles on the new 8″ high-resolution Sony VAIO P series.

The model reviewed comes with Microsoft Windows Vista, and surprisingly, the amount of software that Sony included on the desktop with the VAIO P is very minimal, compared to past ultraportables that were loaded down with third party software. However, there was still quite a bit of 3rd-party and Sony-specific software installed – Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009, Microsoft Works, etc.. From boot-up to a desktop was around 6 minutes, and it took less than an hour to create the restore DVDs.

Jenn has included a series of photos comparing the VAIO P to other Sony ultraportables (such as the TZ), along with other netbooks including an HP 2133 and Samsung NC10, as well as benchmarks and typing tests.

Setting up the Sony Vaio P
Sony Vaio P size comparisons
About the Sony Vaio P’s 3G SIM card slot
Sony Vaio P (VGN-P588E) performance and benchmarks
Video: Sony Vaio P typing test