Dell Inspiron Mini 10 – More Information?

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Engadget has a link to a slide from what looks to be presentation about the upcoming 10″ Dell Inspiron Mini 10. We’ve already had a false start or two about the Mini 10. While it was announced and discussed at CES last month, very little is known. The slide has quite a bit of information.

Their target customers are (and I quote):
– Youth social networking/entertainment
– Vacation/coffee shop companion

The primary usage they see from the Mini 10 (again, I’m quoting):
– Mobile web & communication
– Video entertainment
– Social networking

Display: 10.1″ 16:9 (1024×576) or 1366×768 (close to 720p)
CPU: Z520 1.3GHz, Z530 1.6GHz Intel Atom Silverthorn
Weight: 2.2 pounds
Battery: 3-cell (3-4 hours) or 6-cell (6-8 hours)
OS: Linux (Probably Ubuntu) or Windows XP Home
Colors: black, white, red, pink, blue, green, “Picasso”
HDD: 2.5″ 120GB or 160GB – (unsure if SATA or IDE)
RAM: 1GB or 2GB DDR2
I/O: 3x USB 2.0, 2 headphones(?), HDMI
Wireless: 802.11g/n + WWAN options
Internal Options: GPS, TV Tuner
– Multi-touch Touchpad

The HDMI port is very interesting. As Engadget mentions, this would be one of the cheapest ultraportables/netbooks with this size of a display to offer an HDMI port. The fact that they’ll be offering what amounts to a 720p display at some point, along with an optional internal TV tuner, adds quite a bit of value to the Mini 10. The internal GPS option is also unique and adds quite a bit.

If the slide is correct, Dell will also be offering a “DVD slice” option – this is basically a kind of a pad that attaches to the bottom of the Mini 10 – some of you may have seen “battery slices” which were basically large flat batteries that attached to the bottom of ultraportable laptops and had very little impact on the overall thickness, but added quite a bit of battery life. If Dell could offer a combination battery/DVD slice, that would probably sell fairly well.

The colors that are mentions, Obsidian Black, Ice Blue, Gecko Green, Flamingo-go Pink, New Cherry Red, Alpine White, some of these have shown up in other laptops from Dell already. There is a mention of a “Picasso” option, and for more on that, refer to

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