Dell Latitude XT Drivers Updated (Video, Digitizer)

Dell Latitude XT Yesterday, Dell announced updated drivers for its 12.1″ Dell Latitude XT. The Latitude XT is a “convertible” laptop, with a touchscreen display that swivels around to convert from a conventional laptop form factor into a Tablet PC form factor.

The drivers mainly update issues in regards to the XT having problems with its digitizer as well as video-related driver issues/crashes.

The main culprit behind the digitizer problems (where the digitizer stops functioning) is iTunes, and Dell has worked with one of the software companies behind iTunes to find a fix. A Dell employee indicated that they expect the fix to be incorporated into future versions of iTunes. For now, you can download the fix here:

Dell has also released an updated ATI video driver that addresses problems with Pen Calibration as well as video driver crashes. You can find those updated drivers here: (Drivers and Downloads).

There will also be N-Trig digitizer driver bundles released in the future. They will improve support for Multi-Touch Gestures. There will also be some issues fixed as well as improvements in performance.

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