Dell to Suspend/Discontinue Inspiron Mini 12? (Plus VIA Nano CPUs for Samsung NC20)

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Continuing the string of Dell-related news, there is a brief mention on DigiTimes that Dell is discontinuing or suspending the 12″ Dell Inspiron Mini 12 netbook.

I have not seen anything official from Dell in regards to that, not even a mention on the official Dell forums. Dell is still offering the Mini 12 on its website as well. I have a hard time believing that it’s true at this point – it would be major news, and it would be surprising, given that the Mini 12 currently has no competition and won’t for another week or two. It could be that they plan on replacing the Mini 12 with the Dell Inspiron Mini 10, given some of the features that may have been recently leaked.

Here’s the DigiTimes quote:

As Dell has decided to suspend shipments of its 12-inch Inspiron Mini netbooks, Samsung will the sole vendor in the 12-inch netbook segment when it begins to market the model in mid-February, the sources noted.

Meanwhile, the same article mentions that VIA is going to ship up to 200,000 VIA Nano CPUs in this quarter for the upcoming 12″ Samsung NC20, the only major competitor to the Inspiron Mini 12 in the 12-inch netbook market. At some point, the 12″ Asus S121 will join the mix. If the article is correct, the NC20 is on track for a mid-february launch.

Given the interest in the NC20, as DigiTimes points out, it should generate interest in VIA’s Nano CPU line.

Read: DigiTimes

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