Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet Launches Today

Dell Latitude XT We thought the new 12.1″ convertible Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet would be launching tomorrow, but Dell has decided to officially take the wraps off today. The multi-touch XT2 (dual digitizer) converts between a normal laptop form factor and a Tablet PC form factor.

You can view the Latitude XT2 Tablet at the Dell Small and Medium Business. This is the US site – it looks to be simultaneously launching on other Dell websites around the world, so check your country’s specific Dell website for details.

From the looks of things, the specifications match up with what was leaked a few days ago.

Base Package:
– Starts at $2,399 USD
– Intel® Coreâ„¢ 2 Duo SU9300 (1.20GHz, 3M L2 Cache)
– 80GB HDD
– External Optical Drive: E-Module w/ 8X DVD Writer
– 802.11b/g Wireless
– 4-Cell Battery
– Microsoft Windows Vista Business

If you are willing to add almost $200, you can pick up the “Productivity Package” which bumps the memory up to 2GB, the hard drive up to 120GB, the battery up to a 6-cell, but you drop down to just a DVD-ROM on the external optical drive.

Almost $800 more than the base package (up to around $3,184) will net you 3GB RAM, the 64GB Dell Flash Ultra Performance SSD (Solid State Drive), the 6-cell battery plus a 9-cell battery, with Dell’s “CompleteCare” accident coverage.

The preliminary ship date for the Base Package is currently listed as February 24, 2009.