Dell Inspiron Mini 10 – February 27th in the UK?

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 We’ve already had a false start with the Inspiron Mini 10s out of the UK, but Paul Synnott thought he’d go right to Dell and see what he could learn. He used the live chat feature on and asked a Dell agent when they would be released. He got quite a bit of information out of them, and they seemed positive about.

The release date they gave him (keep in mind this is for the UK) was February 27, 2009. He also mentioned that the power adapter would be the same size as the Inpiron Mini 9, while the pricing would be slightly lower than the Inspiron Mini 12.

It is a sales representative so it’s hard to say how accurate the information. It would not be surprising if the information is already in the system and sales representatives are aware of it, based on past information.

via Engadget