HP Mini 1000 MI Review/Impressions (JK, UMPCPortal)

HP Mini 1000 James Kendrick at jkOnTheRun has posted a video review of the 10″ compact HP Mini 1000 MI. He shows the jack for the VGA dongle (it’s a proprietary optional dongle if you want to plug into an external display), as well as the other various jacks/switches. The model reviewed is the 1120NR with a 16GB SSD.

James mentioned that the higher-capacity 6-cell will be shipping directly from HP in a few weeks – he heard that directly from HP. It’ll be a wedge-style battery, allowing for easier typing (if you prefer an angled keyboard), similar to the 9-cell batteries and other higher-capacity batteries for certain other netbooks.

He mentioned the Mini 1000’s keyboard, saying it’s “the best netbook keyboard I have personally used yet. It is great to type on this keyboard”.

Over at UMPCPortal, Ben has posted his initial impressions of the Mini 1000’s software (along with plenty of screenshots and photos). It’s referred to by HP as their “Mobile Internet Experience”, aka MIE or MI. It’s based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution, and is centered around three main areas: browsing the web, communications (email/chatting/skype), and entertainment (photos/music and other multimedia).

Ben has also listed all of the applications that HP has pre-installed.

Both reviews extensively cover the home screen – in the world of Windows, it would be the main desktop with your taskbar. In this instance, everything is configured to provide fast access to the applications that these devices are best suited for.