HP Mini 2140 Compared to 2133 (HP Mini Guide)

HP Mini 2140 HP Mini Guide has put together a pictorial comparing the new 10″ HP Mini 2140 to the first generation 8.9″ HP 2133 Mini-Note.

Under the hood are the major changes – the move to using Intel’s Atom CPU and an Intel chipset over the older VIA C7M platform, as well as more OS options, but physically there were several changes as well. The design/style was slightly updated, and an aspect ratio changed the look of the display slightly (plus offering a 10″ version).

In their brief comparison (a in-depth one appears to be in the works), they noticed a few things that jumped out

* The 2140 speakers aren’t as loud, but they’re close. Maybe 75% as loud.
* The screen is a bit brighter on the 2140
* The aluminum casing looks a tiny bit darker than the 2133

Overall, from the photos they’ve posted, you can see HP didn’t rock the boat on this one – the 2133’s design (and keyboard) were already very solid (no pun intended) and they simply refined a few things as far as the design. Both the 2133 and 2140 have a unique look among the other netbooks/ultraportables in their class.

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