Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Launched in France

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 We’ve heard that the upcoming 10″ Dell Inspiron Mini 10 will be launched in the United Kingdom towards the end of the month. That’s looking like a very realistic launch date, given that the Inspiron Mini 10 has been officially launched in France, as of a few days ago.

Netbook 3G was at the Dell press conference/media event, and took quite a few pictures. The Inspiron Mini 10s that were present were prototypes, so it’s hard to say whether or not you’ll have easy access to some of the options as far as upgrading – the photos don’t show any access panels on the bottom (say you want to upgrade the RAM to 2GB). You can see where the battery could be swapped for a larger capacity battery.

There is a good photo of the HDMI port – a rarity when it comes to netbooks/ultraportables. The keyboard looks great, the touchpad is very interesting – there doesn’t appear to be separate physical mouse buttons, but it looks like there is an area you tap for left-click or right-click (not quite as fancy as Apple’s MacBook, but still very interesting to see). They brought along an Asus Eee PC 901 for a size comparison, and you can see the Inpiron Mini 10 is thinner (but wider).

Netbook 3G (Translated – English)
via liliputing