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LG X110 Back in January at CES, the new 10.1″ LG X120 had been demonstrated by LG. Last week, an LG Xenia (Xenia = X, X110 or X120) had been recently mentioned as a candidate for one of the netbooks/ultraportables that AT&T was considering offering through their stores (along with data plans/contracts). This week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) LGE has began talking about specific details of the sequel to their LG X110.

The major differences over the X110 – it’s got a “Smart-On” system, which is another type of “Instant-On” functionality. The X120 is also going to be geared towards mobile broadband carriers.
It also has “Smart-Link” which is similar to some of the software that Apple uses when people migrate their data from one Mac to another or allowing the MacBook Air to use another computer’s CD or DVD drive. Smart-Link allows you to use a USB cable to copy data from another machine to the X120. The press release mentions that you can use Smart-Link to transfer files from another computer’s CD or DVD drive.

Previously we had mentioned that it had a 10.2″ widescreen display – in fact it has a 16:9 10.1″ display, with a resolution of 1024×576

– 3G HSPA Mobile Broadband
– 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU
– 160GB HDD
– 1.3MP Web Camera
– Battery options – 3-cell or 6-cell

For those who don’t like fingerprints on their devices, LG mentions the following: The cover’s matt surface resists fingerprints. The case is white with either lime or pink detailing.

LG has announced a release date of March 2009 for Europe. As far as ending up in AT&T’s stores, no word. MobiFrance and Netbook 3G both have more information and photos.

Press Release (LGE.com)
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